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Introducing the LU210 and LU220
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Monday, 13 March 2017 14:33

alt“We’re seeing a growing trend of converting SNG trucks to hybrid trucks, as well as the use of smaller vehicles for mobile news coverage. These new encoders combine reliability, flexibility and mobility in a cost-effective package. Broadcasters can achieve the highest service availability and video quality in any location.” - Avi Cohen, LiveU’s Co-founder & COO.

The LU210 and LU220 take LiveU's powerful and affordable LU200e and repackage it into an industry standard 1U rack mount configuration for use in both truck and fixed broadcast locations.

The LU210 and LU220 are excellent as dedicated encoders - for contribution to the LiveU Multipoint platform or from remote locations such as sports stadiums or satellite studios. They can also be used in SNG trucks connected to the LiveU Xtender as well as Ka-Satellite equipment for the ultimate hybrid solution providing guaranteed bandwidth in remote areas. Both solutions are environment-friendly having very low power consumption.


altThe LU210 is a single input encoder offering extensive flexibility and resiliency. It supports HD video transmission allowing the use of multiple network paths including dual LAN, Wi-Fi, an external 3G/4G USB modem, and the LiveU Xtender.




altThe LU220 expands on the LU210 platform by offering supreme density and versatility consisting of two independent encoders in the same 1U chassis. When paired with two Xtenders, the LU220 can be used for next generation dual-path, all-cellular mobile units, or in fixed locations where multiple paths are needed and density is a critical factor.

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