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Nevion Virtuoso Software-driven media node platform
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Thursday, 16 March 2017 15:44

altNevion Virtuoso is the latest generation of Media Node platform fulfilling the highest requirements of broadcasters and service providers. Virtuoso is designed to meet the challenges of an IP-based live production environment where the distinction between facilities and contribution is blurring, and where virtualization will play an increasing role, leading to faster time-to-production and greater cost-effectiveness.

Nevion Virtuoso is a comprehensive, flexible and scalable platform for real-time adaptation, transport and processing of live media content (video, audio and data) that provides tools for broadcasters and service providers to implement and operate state of the art media production systems. IP adaption, compression, protection, monitoring and aggregation are functionalities provided by Nevion Virtuoso. As an example, the platform is ideal for processing high quality media streams in a reliable manner with very low latency over network infrastructures with very high or constrained bandwidth capacity.

Built on experience and standards

As a pioneer in IP media production, we have built all our IP knowledge and experience into the Nevion Virtuoso platform. The software-driven platform is designed to work in media production WANs (wide area networks) and LANs (local area networks), such as broadcast contribution, metro, studio, and campus networks. Included in the platform is Nevion’s advanced protection mechanisms that enables real-time transport of professional media over IP networks, as well as built-in monitoring that helps anticipate and correct service-affecting issues should they arise. Standards-based and designed for interoperability, the platform is ready for the VSF TR03/TR04 and future SMPTE 2110 evolution achievable through software upgrades.

Field-upgradable functionality through software

The versatile platform is prepared for virtualized media productions with functionality delivered by software modules, known as media functions. These licensed-controlled functions can be installed, activated and changed on demand, meaning a Nevion Virtuoso can be used to perform a variety of tasks including encoding/decoding, transport protection, monitoring, and video audio processing. This means there is no need to change equipment when a change of functionality is required.

Many of the software-based media functions run inherently on the Nevion Virtuoso platform, known as media appliance. The more advanced media functions (e.g. encoding and decoding) require supporting hardware, known as media accelerators. The accelerators provide the required processing resources for media functions ranging from video encoding to advanced audio video processing.

A perfect combination with VideoIPath

Nevion Virtuoso platform, together with Nevion’s VideoIPath management and orchestration software, are designed to enable the full potential of IP-based lean production. VideoIPath controls the functionality on the platform including service scheduling and provisioning and monitor the service fulfillment and performance.

Current functionality

The initial release of platform focus on wide-area contribution networks, with campus and in-facility functionality for IP production such as video and audio processing being announced in the near future.

The Virtuoso platform includes successful Nevion bundles such as NX4600(H.264/AVC encoder, decoder and media gateway),TNS4200(monitoring probe) andCP4400(DTT adaptation).

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