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Summer Special Olympic Games – Athens 2011
In Action - Selected Projects

altAthens, July 2011 - PTS selected to deliver and operate the Wireless and Wired Comms for Opening and Closing ceremonies of Summer Special Olympics “Athens 2011” hosted at Panathinaikon Stadium.

The whole project designed and delivered in cooperation with Riedel Communications. PTS had the responsibility of the installation, operation and technical support. The equipment provided by Riedel Communications combining analogue and digital technology resulting an integrated and fully digital communication system. The following list summarize the equipment been used.

  • 290 portable radios UHF Motorola
  • 12 UHF repeaters Riface type
  • 2 digital wireless communications systems, Acrobat type
  • 40 wileless or wired talkback units, beltpack type
  • 30 talkback units, desktop type
  • 256x256 matrix board, Artist type
  • Redundant system of Audio distribution, Rocknet type
  • 2 FM Repeaters
  • 2000 FM receivers FMR 1000 type, used by choreography and production
  • 3Km Fiber Optic Network consisting in 2 rings for redundancy
  • over than 3Km cabling (XLR or BNC)

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