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AXON Tech Newsletter 2012-09 - Firmware & Product Releases Print
In Action - Technical Bulletin

AXON Tech Newsletter

The AXON tech newsletter is sent out regularly and will contain information on product releases, firmware releases and manuals releases.

Product Releases

We have released initial firmware for the following products:

DWC08 Wordclock distribution amplifier

DWC18 Wordclock distribution amplifier with optional video reference locked wordclock generator

New firmware releases

New firmware has been released for:

INS30 SD Teletext encoder with monitoring outputs

Fixed: VBI insertion in correct page at power-up when used in Fixed_gen mode or Fixed_Empty_page_gen.

HLI10 HD preset based logo inserter

HLI20 HD/SD preset based dual logo inserter/generator with clock insertion

HTI10 HD/SD-SDI preset based text Inserter

SLI10 SD preset based logo inserter (HD upgradeable)

SLI20 SD preset based dual logo inserter with clock insertion (HD upgradeable)

Added: selectable logo key filter to reduce visible Chroma milling. Included this new setting in the bundled Cortex panel update.
Fixed: fade-out when hold frames were set to zero.
Fixed: fade-hold frames for zero fade-in/out frames.
Fixed: 'A/B_name-Stat' will now be updated directly when adding or removing a logo.
Fixed: status reporting of unknown file formats, like for the old TGA format.
Factory defaults for alarm objects 'Input', 'EDH-Status' and 'Ref-Status' are changed to have zero priority, alarms disabled. 

New manual releases

New manuasl have been released for, HLI10, HLI20, HTI10, HXT10, HXT12, SLI10 and SLI20.

These manuals can be downloaded from our website Support -> Downloads -> manuals -> product name

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