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AXON Tech Newsletter 2012-12 (TRACS) Print
In Action - Technical Bulletin

AXON Tech Newsletter

The AXON tech newsletter is sent out regularly and will contain information on product releases, firmware releases and manuals releases.

New firmware releases

New firmware has been released for TRACS2:

This firmware will update TRACS2 single channel or multichannel recorders to version 2.6.1. This version is compatible with client version 2.6.X. Only systems with version 2.5.x can be upgraded to this release. Please use Versionmanager 1.2.0 or higher to update your recorders.

Release notes:

- As-run log integration (optional feature) adding:
- Automatic import of various as-run logs
- Search on as-run log data, such as program name or ID
- View as-run log data at clip play-back
- AS-run log settings
- Separated search and playback windows
- New MPEG containers, making recordings more compatible with various players
- Save confirmation when settings decrease capacity in days (for instance when you raise the bitrates)
- Added bitrate setting for 1.75Mb/s video encoding

Fixes and improvements:
- Supervisors cannot enable/disable live-stream forwarding anymore, only configurators can.
- Profile settings defaults changed
- Default audio pair names changed
- Capacity calculator and reset/save buttons anchored to settings tab-box instead of the outer border
- Searching for content on alert history item fixed
- Fixed SNMP handling of audio statuses
- Sorting of alert history fixed
- changed defaults of audio pair names and video source

Known issues:
- A recorder assigned as hardware playback unit with HD-input will show artifacts on SD-output. The unit that is configured to act as playback unit should have SD-inputs to avoid artefacts
- Extended WSS values are not detected. Only Standard WSS is supported.
- When switching from a LTC signal with Time zone offset to NTP-synchronization will cause a temporary time-jump
- Slight offset between frame counter in GUI and in on screen display during playback
- Client requires multicast network traffic between recorders: if multicasting is blocked, client might lack required information and can enter a waiting loop.
- Archived files around midnight are sometimes tagged with the wrong date

To ensure continuous flexibility, release 2.4.0 (released August 2010) involved a change of feature-policy compared to previous versions. Although some features have become optional after the release of version 2.4.0, TRACS units purchased before August 2010 should not be affected: all included features will remain available after firmware updates on those units. The involved features are:
- SDI-input
- TxT/CC recording
- 16 channels audio recording
- Hardware Playback

In case your unit was purchased prior to the 2.4.0 release, please double check the availability of above mentioned features after this upgrade completes. In case of problems or if you would have questions regarding this, please contact Axon Customer Support: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

New manual releases

New manuals have been released for the Client manual and the Installation manual.

These manuals can be downloaded from our website Support -> Downloads -> manuals -> product name

TRACS Client software,

New client software is released as well. Please click here to download the file.

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