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AXON tech Newsletter 2016-01
In Action - Technical Bulletin


New firmware releases
New firmware has been released for:

GIX-HIX010 Dual channel 3Gb/s, HD, SD basic integrity checking probe with switch-over function

GIX-HIX100-110 Dual channel 3Gb/s, HD, SD integrity checking probe with optional clean audio (2x1) switch-over function

- Corrected read permission for the Software rev object. This corrects SNMP access to the card. Bug first appeared in version 0608.

U4U100 1080P to 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) 4 wire up converter

Reference timing corrected.
Colorspace error corrected.

GXT-HXT010 3Gb/s, HD, SD frame synchronizer and transmission up/down/cross converter
GXT-HXT100-1103Gb/s, HD, SD frame synchronizer, transmission up/down/cross converter with de-embedder with optional cross input audio shuffler

- added: OP47 de-embedder line selection.
- fixed: transparency for OP47/wst with dummy headers and insertion in wrong field.
- fixed: S2016 detection and responsiveness to noVI/WSS control setting. Setting now acts for VI, WSS and S2016 control modes.
- fixed: frame accurate preset switching for s2016, VI and WSS control input.
- fixed: Green/Magenta line on right side of picture in 1080i50 transparent mode.
- fixed: Frame or field accurate S2016, WSS and VI data insertion.
- fixed: GPI latched / nonlatched was working reversed.
- added: GPI input debouncing time setting.
- fixed: Occasional occurence of a black, corrupted or old video frame.
- fixed: Manual override (via Cortex/ACP) of an automatically chosen preset, i.e. controlled by s2016.


New firmware releases
New firmware has been released for:

T2R_BASE - TRACS² single channel compliance recorder
T2R90 - TRACS2 Recorder, 90 day at 512kbits/s MPEG2/4, 16 channel audio
T2R150 - TRACS2 Recorder, 150 day at 512kbits/s MPEG2/4, 16 channel audio
T2R30 - TRACS2 Recorder, 30 day at 512kbits/s MPEG2/4, 16 channel audio
TRACS2 - Single channel compliance recorder

Added features, fixes and improvements in this version:
- Added feature to select a hardware playback recorder from a list of playback capable recorders when doing a hardware playback
- Recorder which are currently recording HD or are disabled will not appear in the playback capable recorder list
- Fixed an issue where the archiver would stop at corrupted .dat files
- Embedded audio in HD SDI sources is handled correctly even if the audio is out of spec
- Loudness graph now displays a red background of all loudness values above the violation threshold
- Loudness violation alarms can now be enabled per audio pair
- Added feature to acknowledge all alerts
- Disabled channels are now indicated with a grey icon instead of red
- Improved archiver stability - When archiver starts, the bandwidth usage for thhe archiver is limited - Fixed issue where hardware playback becomes unstable due to encoding interruptions
- Fixed issue where HD inputs or inputs with no WSS were not handled correctly with respect to their aspect ratio
- Fixed issue where thumbnails wouldn't scale according to WSS-ext values
- Fixed issue where out-of-spec embedded audio was incorrectly synchronized
- Fixed issue in Masterd/salve negotiation where a new recorder would overwrite the master settings
- Fixed minimize/maximize issues in windows
- SNMP settings are now correctly communicated to all recorders
- System wide settings are now fully restored after updating a system
- Message 'No Loudness monitoring license for this recorder' will not appear anymore
- When loudness is not enabled for a channel, the 'Loudness Graph' button is disabled
- In case a swapped disk is not automatically recognized, a service button is displayed behind the disk status in the client to attempt a manual refresh

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