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AXON Tech Newsletter 2016-04 Print
In Action - Technical Bulletin


GIX-HIX010 Dual channel 3Gb/s, HD, SD basic integrity checking probe with switch-over function
GIX-HIX100-110 Dual channel 3Gb/s, HD, SD integrity checking probe with optional clean audio (2x1) switch-over function

- Corrected 3G level-B output.
- Removed Timecode_Ins setting, this setting is only required for the 110 variant.
- Added asynchronous input switch handling as in GFSxxx products, to cope with switches between badly timed sources.
- 1080p50 (1080p60) can lock to 1080i50 (1080i60) tri-level sync.
- Added S352 Inserter (Video Payload ID) setting. This allows the user to disable the insertion of the s352 packet in case ATC-LTC packets in the same HANC location must be passed on line 10.
- Corrected stuck input status for SD formats. Loss of SD input will now be detected and reported correctly.
- Corrected output mute (No-SDI-Out) function. When fixed (manual or GPI) routing is made to a silent input, the output will now correctly mute.
- Corrected initial route when changing from Chan B to Automatic switching. Previously the card always reset to Chan A, and ignored previously selected route.
- Corrected Auto format stability at start-up when SDI inputs 3 and 4 are used. This showed as the card not selecting the correct video format, mostly 1080p24.
- Various small CLF GUI panel fixes to display the correct settings for each product variant.

GJA-HJA420-440-840-880 3Gb/s, HD, SD embedded domain Loudness controller based on Jünger Audio algorithms

- Improved timing when programming for latest AXD daughter board batch

ERC-ERS-MRC-MRS108-118-04 Rack controller for Synapse frames SFR08, SFR18 & SFR-M

- correct NTP status when no servers available

HFS15: HD, SD Frame synchronizer

Fixed: Audio channel status corrected.

U4D100 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) 4 wire to 1080p or 1080i down converter

Test_int1 renamed into #Vert-AA-Filt and is now visable in Control tab in Cortex.
H-position corrected by 1pix

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