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AXON Tech Newsletter 2016-05
In Action - Technical Bulletin


New product release
We have released the GEE-HEE200-230 a 3Gb/s, HD, SD embedded domain Dolby E/D/D+ decoder and to Dolby E encoder with audio shuffler and optional audio description processor.

The GEE200/230 and HEE200/230 are embedded domain Dolby E/D/D+ to Dolby E processors with optional fully routable Audio Description processor. This processor uses a stereo track as main program (input 1-2 of the AD processor) and mixes the AD track triggered by the mix enable track (input 3-4 of the AD processor). The output of the AD processor can be routed to any of the Dolby E encoder inputs or any of the normal PCM channels of the 16 channel embedder. Simultaneous encoding of 5.1, 5.1+2.0 or 4 individual stereo channels (languages) to a Dolby E stream is possible. More information can be found on our website.

We have furthermore released the GNS600 a SCTE104 VANC inserter and Ethernet data-bridge for 3G, HD and SD SDI inputs.

The GNS600 is a 3G, HD and SD SDI SCTE104 inserter with SDI inputs outputs. SCTE104 information present in the SDI signal can be transcoded and inserted into the main 3G, HD or SD SDI signal. The GNS600 can insert data from both the Ethernet and SDI domain into lines in the SDI domain or insert a user defined cue on a preset base. The GNS600 can insert or decode SMPTE-2010 packets containing SCTE104 Digital Program Insertion (DPI) messages to/ from VANC. Transcode between SCTE104 HD and SCTE104 SD data is also possible. The card will decode the SCTE104 DPI messages (contained on any or only user specified lines) and monitor for specific (user defined) content and trigger the appropriate GPO or pass the DPI message content to other control systems via Ethernet connection. More information can be found on our website.​

New firmware releases
New firmware has been released for:

GMD100 3G, HD, SD SDI medium time delay unit with automatic tracking function
- S352 payload insert enable. This is to disable the payload when it conflicts with ATC type LTC transparency.
- ATC type VITC transparency.
- Time code jump error. Jumps outside 40 sec where not detected.
- Time code calculations outside one hour.
- ATC timecode detection corrected.

U4T100-140 4K (3840x2160) Ultra HD 4 wire toolbox with optional Dolby E processing
Added 1080PsF23.98 format.
Added complete 16 channel audio handling of second in- output.
Added seperate audio delay just before embedders, positive delays only.
Audio synchronizer only track frame sync delay now.
Meta data in- output via serial connection.
Audio selection for Dolby or 16 channels of audio of input 2 via quad speed bus.
CAT 1100 now locks to output format instead of lock to reference only.
Added CAT1100 debugging info via classic view.

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