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RTL - HD Live to VoD Workflows
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With this initiative, RTL is looking to streamline their content processing, editing and delivery workflow in
terms of:
• Preserve the highest video quality from ingest to playback.
• Maintain end-to-end Quality of Service.
• Enhance compliance and audience reach.
• Revolutionize content creation and editing workflows.
• Minimize resource use and leverage Just-in-Time automations.
• Streamline content delivery and load balancing operations.
• Integrate Live and VoD workflows.
• Maintain full visibility and control of the entire operation.
The following explains how RTL team was able to achieve these objectives with the help of their partners: Media
Excel (Multi-screen transcoding experts), Garland (Media Excel technical partner in Europe), Solarfl are (application-
intelligent networking I/O software and hardware) and Unified Streaming Platform (streaming and wrapping
from one unified source)
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