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SNG_OverviewSNG vehicles are trucks that can be identified from a large motorized satellite Dish mounted on top of roof. SNG vehicles work by unfolding their antenna and pointing towards to one of the geostationary communication satellites to transmit remote video to the Studio.

Each SNG we develop is completely customized to accommodate your needs and specifications. We offer a variety of choices of equipment (with regards to satellite encoders, transmission standards etc) allowing us to work closely with you to develop a completely unique SNG vehicle, designed to meet your specific set of.

The selection of the specific vehicle’s chassis and size is dependent upon the equipment size and payload requirements. Our specialized engineering team offer design and integration solutions for any situation and the result is extremely versatile and compact with the ability to fit into a small 4W-drive SUV or VAN.

Regardless of your equipment needs, all controls and major equipment elements are designed for user friendly operation, placed for easy access and maintenance and thoroughly tested for their reliability.

Each Vehicle is fully enclosed, with spacious, climate controlled interiors for comfort and efficiency. The enclosed design provides security and protection on electronics and equipment and storage space for spares and other components during transport. The compact diesel generator provides power for all telecom and non telecom equipment plus HVAC system and lighting.

Study & Design

SNG_insideEach vehicle is customized according to your demands and its coach-building is based on detailed mechanical, AC/DC electrical and electronics CAD drawings. Our engineers use documented processes to guide you from the definition of your requirements, to the design and construction of a solution.

Operation Area

The operator’s area is separated form the power & storage area at the back of the vehicles and is fully insulated (thermal and sound insulation). Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system are designed so that we can ensure that the equipment and the operators are working under proper conditions.

Monitoring Systems

Internal and external security sensors for intruder alarm, smoke detectors, over temperature detectors, and stowage alarm systems to warn the operator of antennas, jack, and door closures.

Antenna Systems

All vehicles are based on Vislink antennas. NewSwift is a motorized with full 3 axis control, ensuring full 360o Azimuth range, low profile and lightweight antenna. The range of sizes is 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m and 2.0m. It is capable of housing fully redundant phase combined HPA systems.

Uplink Systems

You can choose from a single thread to a fully redundant system. Also GPS based auto satellite acquisition package is available.

Baseband Systems

SNG Vans are equipped with complete monitoring and test baseband equipment. The termination panel at the external right side of the vehicle provides external connections of video, audio and talkback signals. We can also provide bi-directional fibre optic system to connect the van with OB vehicles.



· Steel framed pre-painted enclosure

· Insulated walls and ceiling panels

· Antistatic GRP flooring

· Ceiling HVAC

· Diesel generator (silent type Up to 3 KVA)

· Provision to connect commercial power source

· Grounding lug for connection to external ground



· Control panel to monitor electrical system

· Complete 220 VAC electrical system & 12 VDC inverters

· Interior lighting, 220 VAC and 12 VDC

· Electrical stabilizing system

· GPS antenna

· Work bench and tool cabinet

· Fire extinguisher

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