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  • PTS Products

    PTS is probably the only Greek company manufacturing specialized products for the Greek Βroadcast Industry. Except of the customized coach building for Broadcasters & Telecom Operators, our product range includes Script Lights and Media Storage System for video tapes storage.

  • Broadcast Systems


    PTS may deliver end-to-end traditional broadcast systems as well as niche IT based broadcast solutions for conventional over the air or video-over-IP broadcasting.

    We provide the essential technical expertise and highly educated technical staff in order to deliver turn-key solutions that will always be at the edge of technology.

    The systems provided by PTS are designed following the international standards and best practices used for building broadcast systems. PTS engineers work closely with the clients in order to provide always tailor-made systems that will fulfill all the client’s technical requirements.

    All the systems we build are carefully studied and designed using CAD applications and automation tools that help us create fast and accurately all the necessary documentation, prior building any system. These tools provide us with the ability to calculate the volume of work thus scheduling better our work, but also to recognize any possible difficulties in the implementation of the design and cope with them, as early as possible in the system integration process. All this detailed documentation which is cabling schematic, rack layouts, cable lists etc, are delivered to the clients in hard copies or electronic forms.

    Two important parts of our System Integration process are the system commissioning and technical training that ensure fully operational systems and engineers that know their system and its capabilities.

    PTS also maintains a support team ready to resolve any issues on the system but also on the equipment that has been provided.

    PTS Engineers have the technical expertise to provide end to end broadcast systems. From acquisition to transmission and production studio, to post production facilities.

    Our broadcast services team offer solutions and advice in the following key areas:


  • Outside Broadcast Vehicles


    Outside Broadcast production is complex and demanding, stretching the limits of technicians and equipment. OB Vans must deploy on locations under the harshest of conditions time after time, without compromise. Because of the fast-paced and on air production, failed technology or compromised workflows can cause great risk or damage.

    PTS is well known in Greece’s broadcasting and telecoms industry for their innovative and high quality manufacturing and coach-building products.

    Our specialized engineering team integrates the best technologies throughout professional project management to deliver high quality solutions always in accordance to your requirements. Following the 4 phase process, allow us to optimize the design to fit within your budget. Based on your choice of chassis, we can design and build a VAN that is perfect for your needs, using Technology that can grow and adapt to the future needs of your business and help you to maximize the return on investment, extending thus the lifetime of your vans.

    All vehicles are manufactured for the hard wear and tear as some of these vehicles need to work on daily basis in harsh urban environments and with many different crews. The vehicles are designed according to local standards, power requirements and having Greece’s hot climate in mind. Our team incorporates state of art technologies for all the electronics (such as PLC), design and implementation.

    PTS has experience in building a complete range of broadcasting vehicles ranging from small 4x4 trucks, SNG uplink vehicles, to multi-camera uplink SNG vehicles, ENG vans, OB vans and EFP trucks.


  • Special Telecom Vehicles


    PTS has years of experience in the coach-building of complete Transportable Cellular Base Stations (cells on wheels - COW) for Telecom Operators, fulfilling their needs to restore Telecommunication  Services on emergency situations (Emergency Telecom Recovery) or add additional capacity for special event.


    PTS engineers will work with you to design and build a Vehicle which precisely fits your requirements.

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