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PTS is probably the only Greek company manufacturing specialized products for the Greek Βroadcast Industry. Except of the customized coach building for Broadcasters & Telecom Operators, our product range includes Script Lights and Media Storage System for video tapes storage.

Media Storage System (MSS) Print
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MSS high-density Tape Storage System

Media Storage System

Metallic storage System, to store video-data tapes. High-capacity, with sliding racks to save space, whilst is adjustable to any size cartridges and easily expandable.

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CL series workstation script lights

script light

Proper lighting has the potential to focus attention, to create atmosphere, to support and facilitate the basic working processes. A work station, with its monitors and display terminals whether is a TV production, post production or OB, demands well designed lighting. Lighting that illuminates the working area and clearly shows what needs to be seen while avoiding obtrusive glare and disturbing reflections in the monitor screens.


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