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MSS high-density Tape Storage System

Media Storage System

Metallic storage System, to store video-data tapes. High-capacity, with sliding racks to save space, whilst is adjustable to any size cartridges and easily expandable.

Practical and economical archiving system, with ergonomic design ensuring high storage capacity and density. Created by any number of independent units of sliding storage lockers. Each locker is sliding on bearings with steel rails on a length twice the width, so it can be moved easily up with the help of a handle. When the cabinets are closed, the archived material is protected from risks such as dust, radiation, explosion, fire. To find a tape does not need anything more than to open the relevant locker dragging onto the rails.


Technical Data

Typical Dimensions

· Metalic heavy construction

· Max Load : 1.000Kg/rack

· Heavy Duty Metal Shelves

· Wooden floor and side

· Electrostatic painting

· Articulated construction

· Double heavy duty self-lubricating bearings

· Adjustable Selve height

· Free of preventive maintenance

· Easy to expand

· Net Height: 2.100mm

· Net width: 1.200mm

· Usable depth : (2 types) 200mm, 400mm

· Adjustable shelf height per 25mm



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