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Integration Services

PTS has more than 15 years of experience in broadcast systems integration, with a proven track record of bridging the gap between traditional broadcast and software-based new media systems.

From concept to commissioning, PTS is leader, in Greek & Cyprus market, in Broadcast solutions. As an independent systems integrator we do not deliver off-the-shelf solutions. We know that each client is different. Different needs, perspectives, targets, organisation, process workflows and commercial requirements.

We design, install, integrate and implement systems and workflows to meet your current needs, allowing for smooth expansions as your business grows.

Our experienced engineers, performing professional project management processes, lead the company in delivering end-to-end and on demand projects, for a wide range of client portfolios.

We make sure not only to understand your technology and workflow requirements, but also other essential factors such as business efficiency and continuity, organizational issues, cultural and environmental backgrounds, that can impact a seamless integration. At the end, your business becomes our business and your success becomes our success.

Our strong customer relationships have set us apart from our competitors for the past 15 years. Our experienced Engineers will help you to design a custom solution that meets your business needs, increasing thus your operational efficiency and staying ahead of your competition.


Approaching the integration

PTS offers custom design and integration solutions for any situation. Our specialised team of experienced Engineers uses a 4 Phase Process to guide you from the definition of your requirements, to the designing and implementing of a solution, to training for the new system. Our team, design each system ensuring that fully suits your requirements and that the customer is fully familiar with every aspect of the product.

Phase 1: Preliminary Design

We must first understand your needs and requirements, before we begin to design the solution. Once this is defined, our team develops a preliminary proposal (including a preliminary plan, a preliminary equipment list, design and total price), to help you meet your goals.

Once the proposal is approved, the phase of design is completed by submitting for your approval, detailed CAD Drawings and a finalized work flow and design.

Phase 2: Engineering

During the engineering phase, the team will finalize the equipment list with a detailed list of everything that will be needed to implement the design. Finally, we will deliver detailed CAD Drawings consisting of Floor plans, Racks and Wiring layouts.

Phase 3: Equipment & Installation

At the time that everything is finalized, the logistics department order the equipment. After the equipment delivery, our engineers carefully test all the equipment to make sure it is functioning properly.

Once all the equipment is ready, our engineers will install and get ready to everything for commissioning and operation. We will thoroughly test every aspect of the completed system to make certain that all systems and subsystems working perfectly according to your requirements and agreed specifications.

Finally, the system will deliver in full operational mode, as well as we will deliver a complete set of the documentation for the system and its parts.

Phase 4: Training & Support

Last but not least, our expert team provides complete training on how to operate your new system efficiently, and how it could increase your business effectiveness

We even offer long term support contracts, leaving to our call centre just a phone call for any technical issue ever happen with your system.

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