Media Asset Management and News Production Systems

“Historical Archives” are usually an extensive library of video, films and audiotapes in a variety type of formats and storage. These are essential assets with great value, but their real value can only be revealed, when they can be handled automatically and be embedded with metadata, to make them searchable and easy to find. The operation of contemporary archive system can be complex and some times makes confusion. It has its own set of tools described as:

MAM – Media Asset Management 

The extreme demands of modern newsgathering, leads to fast processing speeds and flexibility to meet the high standards and diverse forms of presentation and distribution.

Nowadays all the modern Broadcasters need of fully-integrated News Production System, that combine media asset management with intelligent search engine,  newsroom and editing workstations, plus automated playout systems. Because of budget limitations in capital investments, many of them can’t afford large investments in technology. What they need is a user-friendly and powerful news system, which automates the graphic production and provides real-time rendering in a low price budget.

Our Engineers will provide you with the solution you're looking for, designing and implementing a system to meet your current needs and allow for smooth expansion paths to grow as your business grows.