Outside Broadcast Vehicles

Outside Broadcast production is complex and demanding, stretching the limits of technicians and equipment. OB Vans must deploy on locations under the harshest of conditions time after time, without compromise. Because of the fast-paced and on air production, failed technology or compromised workflows can cause great risk or damage.

PTS is well known in Greece’s broadcasting and telecoms industry for their innovative and high quality manufacturing and coach-building products.

Our specialized engineering team integrates the best technologies throughout professional project management to deliver high quality solutions always in accordance to your requirements. Following the 4 phase process, allow us to optimize the design to fit within your budget. Based on your choice of chassis, we can design and build a VAN that is perfect for your needs, using Technology that can grow and adapt to the future needs of your business and help you to maximize the return on investment, extending thus the lifetime of your vans.

All vehicles are manufactured for the hard wear and tear as some of these vehicles need to work on daily basis in harsh urban environments and with many different crews. The vehicles are designed according to local standards, power requirements and having Greece’s hot climate in mind. Our team incorporates state of art technologies for all the electronics (such as PLC), design and implementation.

PTS has experience in building a complete range of broadcasting vehicles ranging from small 4x4 trucks, SNG uplink vehicles, to multi-camera uplink SNG vehicles, ENG vans, OB vans and EFP trucks.

Electronic News Gathering Vehicles

ENG Vehicles, following our coach-building process, have been designed to provide quick, secured and full intergraded solutions, offering cost-effective construction which can be rapidly installed and set up to be operational within minutes upon arrival. Perfectly used for outside Electronic News Gathering (ENG) transmitting directly to Broadcaster’s control room, live video feeding news events, emergency or disaster situations. The design of Telescopic-pneumatic mast (varying in different heights), with the MW link mounted on motorized pan tilt head with remote control, has proven this to be an ideal system to support the live broadcasting. Each Vehicle is fully enclosed, with spacious,…

Electronic Field Production Vehicles

Electronic Field Production (EFP) is referring to television productions which take place outside from a formal studio, in a practical location or special venue, transmitting directly to Broadcaster’s control room, live video feeding. Typical applications of electronic field productions include i.e. nominations, concerts, major newsmaker interviews, political conventions and sporting events. EFP Vehicles, following our coach-building process, have been designed to provide full intergraded solutions, offering cost-effective construction, emphasising on high-quality, multi camera photography, advanced graphics and sound. Each Vehicle is fully enclosed, with spacious, climate controlled interiors for comfort and efficiency. The enclosed design provides security and protection on…

Satelite News Gathering Vehicles

SNG vehicles are trucks that can be identified from a large motorized satellite Dish mounted on top of roof. SNG vehicles work by unfolding their antenna and pointing towards to one of the geostationary communication satellites to transmit remote video to the Studio. Each SNG we develop is completely customized to accommodate your needs and specifications. We offer a variety of choices of equipment (with regards to satellite encoders, transmission standards etc) allowing us to work closely with you to develop a completely unique SNG vehicle, designed to meet your specific set of. The selection of the specific vehicle’s chassis…



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