Special Telecom Vehicles

PTS has years of experience in the coach-building of complete Transportable Cellular Base Stations (cells on wheels - COW) for Telecom Operators, fulfilling their needs to restore Telecommunication  Services on emergency situations (Emergency Telecom Recovery) or add additional capacity for special event.

PTS engineers will work with you to design and build a Vehicle which precisely fits your requirements.

Transportable Cellular Base Stations (Trans-CBS)

Transportable Cellular Sites (or Cell on Wheels -COW), following our coach-building process, have been designed to provide quick, secured and full intergraded solutions, offering cost-effective construction which can be rapidly installed (single person operation) and set up to be operational within minutes upon arrival. Perfectly used as temporary cellular sites such as for special events, emergency situations or disaster areas. The design of Telescopic (pneumatic) mast (varying in different heights), with the MW link mounted on motorized pan tilt base with remote control, and multiple antenna capacity, has proven this to be an ideal system to support or restore critical…

Emergency Telecom Recovery Vehicle for HellasSat

Special Vehicle based on a VW Transporter chassis, delivered for HELLAS SAT to establish critical Telecommunications in emergency conditions, by recovering Satellite communication at selected area, providing thus VoIP & mobile communications (GSM over IP), Wi-Fi & Internet connection (2Mbps). }



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