Broadcast Systems


PTS delivers end-to-end traditional broadcast systems as well as niche IT based broadcast solutions for conventional over the air or video-over-IP broadcasting.

We provide the essential technical expertise and highly educated technical staff in order to deliver turn-key solutions that will always be at the edge of technology.

The systems provided by PTS are designed following the international standards and best practices used for building broadcast systems. PTS engineers work closely with the clients in order to provide always tailor-made systems that will fulfill all the client’s technical requirements.

All the systems we build are carefully studied and designed using CAD applications and automation tools that help us create fast and accurately all the necessary documentation, prior building any system. These tools provide us with the ability to calculate the volume of work thus scheduling better our work, but also to recognize any possible difficulties in the implementation of the design and cope with them, as early as possible in the system integration process. All this detailed documentation which is cabling schematic, rack layouts, cable lists etc, are delivered to the clients in hard copies or electronic forms.

Two important parts of our System Integration process are the system commissioning and technical training that ensure fully operational systems and engineers that know their system and its capabilities.

PTS also maintains a support team ready to resolve any issues on the system but also on the equipment that has been provided.

PTS Engineers have the technical expertise to provide end to end broadcast systems. From acquisition to transmission and production studio, to post production facilities.

Our broadcast services team offer solutions and advice in the following key areas:

Production Studios & Post Production Facilities

PTS offers a complete range of equipment for broadcasting industry, production and post production companies. We combine leading edge technology and the highest level of expertise, offering integrated solutions for production studios, post production facilities, master control and more (i.e. real-time graphics solutions, virtual studio solutions). PTS holds a proven track record delivering such turn key projects. The integration team handles every issue of the implementation of a complete Production or Post Production Facility. Our engineers pay special attention to each aspect of the designed systems that need to interact seamlessly, in order to ensure a result that fully suits…

Master Control Rooms

PTS can help you control your entire facility and centralize your entire operations in a master control room. It doesn’t matter if you're using Control Room just for monitoring purposes or as a multi-function room, our engineers will provide you with the best available solutions. We will help you select the proper equipment for the Master Control, and integrate everything with your existing equipment so you leave nothing essential out of your control room. The integration team handles every issue of the implementation of a complete Master Control Room. Our engineers pay special attention to each aspect of the designed…

Radio Automation Systems

Radio Automation Systems combine production, playout and distribution systems, designed for radio stations who want to grasp the opportunities of media convergence. Based on powerful Media Asset Management (MAM) system platforms, Radio Automation System streamlines every aspect of the digital production chain for news and music channels, helping the radio station to optimize its programming efforts for traditional over-the-air broadcasts. Radio Automation Systems include integrated workflow engine adding great value to the entire digital production and delivery chain, by managing multi-tasks such as reviews and approvals, check-in/check-out, searching, user rights, broadcast and content distribution. New media content repurposing and delivery…

Digital Archiving Systems

Digitizing, management and commercial exploitation of an archive is a very complex process that needs to combine many technologies and workflows to be successful. Get it right and your archive can be a valuable asset. Get it wrong and it can be an equally costly responsibility! At PTS, we have the experience and know how of archiving and asset management, to specialize you in digitizing, capturing, storing and managing your archives. Our team can help you navigate this complex area and maximize your return on investment. Selected Projects More recently PTS delivered the project of “Recording, Preservation, Digitalization, Documentation and…

Media Asset Management and News Production Systems

“Historical Archives” are usually an extensive library of video, films and audiotapes in a variety type of formats and storage. These are essential assets with great value, but their real value can only be revealed, when they can be handled automatically and be embedded with metadata, to make them searchable and easy to find. The operation of contemporary archive system can be complex and some times makes confusion. It has its own set of tools described as: MAM – Media Asset Management The extreme demands of modern newsgathering, leads to fast processing speeds and flexibility to meet the high standards…

Continuity Systems

Fully equipped continuity systems including: High end broadcast video servers Playout automation Logo & Character generators Master Control Switchers & Routers Audio and video monitoring Measurement systems.

Communication Systems

Flexible and intelligent communications is mandatory for the success of many projects in broadcasting industry. PTS can design and distribute the most sophisticated intercom, fiber, audio and radio technology for customers in the broadcast, audio, cultural events and sports. Our engineers pay special attention to each aspect of the designed comms systems, in order to ensure a result that is fully aligned to your technical and operational requirements. We combine the proper equipment and high end technology to deliver intelligent and fully ‘digital’ comms systems, allowing seamless integration of digital and analogue wired/wireless talkback systems, radios, audio routers, Audio-over-IP, telephones,…

Technical Support

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