Radio Automation Systems

Radio Automation Systems combine production, playout and distribution systems, designed for radio stations who want to grasp the opportunities of media convergence. Based on powerful Media Asset Management (MAM) system platforms, Radio Automation System streamlines every aspect of the digital production chain for news and music channels, helping the radio station to optimize its programming efforts for traditional over-the-air broadcasts.

Radio Automation Systems include integrated workflow engine adding great value to the entire digital production and delivery chain, by managing multi-tasks such as reviews and approvals, check-in/check-out, searching, user rights, broadcast and content distribution.

New media content repurposing and delivery can be accomplished very efficiently as the workflow engine automates many processes in the background to facilitate distribution.

Large entertainment-based radio groups can also profit from the multi-user, multi-station, music scheduling engine with an automated store/forward platform.


Key Features and Benefits:

Integrated MAM and workflow engine streamlines production

Centralized content catalog manages all programs and associated metadata

End-to-end comprehensive newsroom computer system with web access

Advanced scheduling including multi-user, multi-station music scheduling engine and store/forward distribution platform

Flexible, advanced recording and editing tools

Automated media distribution in multiple formats, dynamic Podcasting, and multiplatform delivery


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