Master Control Rooms

PTS can help you control your entire facility and centralize your entire operations in a master control room.  It doesn’t matter if you're using Control Room just for monitoring purposes or as a multi-function room, our engineers will provide you with the best available solutions. We will help you select the proper equipment for the Master Control, and integrate everything with your existing equipment so you leave nothing essential out of your control room.

The integration team handles every issue of the implementation of a complete Master Control Room. Our engineers pay special attention to each aspect of the designed control rooms, in order to ensure a result that fully suits your requirements. There are different parts that need to work together seamlessly in order a Master Control Room to be a success.  To ensure this, we work close with you, to design the best possible solutions for each part of your Master Control Room.  We take care of everything like overall layout, the monitoring system, the furniture, the storage solutions, paying attention to ergonomic design, in order to set up a 24-hour automated playout system.

During the past 15 years development in broadcast market  we have create a wide range  of partnerships, so we keep the choice to select the equipment that best suits your requirements, rather than promoting a specific manufacturer.  We work close to you to design the workflows and select the most suitable equipment and software that will combine to create the finest solution available.

We provide custom solutions for smaller clients, up to large installations, where dozens of monitors and workstations are required.  The integration team combines all of the equipment working together, finishing all of the wiring and cabling installations having a very professional and clean view upon completion.

In addition to implementing Master Control Rooms from the “scratch”, we can upgrade form SD to HD or expand existing systems.  As the HD technology becomes the norm, upgrading is often a necessary decision in order to keeping up with the rest of the market. Whether you are looking to just add a few monitors or change with new LCD, or give to your control room a complete renovation, we are confident that we have a solution that fits your needs. PTS has significant experience in handling such system upgrades and our expertise is certain to benefit you greatly.