Transportable Cellular Base Stations (Trans-CBS)

Transportable Cellular Sites (or Cell on Wheels -COW), following our coach-building process, have been designed to provide quick, secured and full intergraded solutions, offering cost-effective construction which can be rapidly installed (single person operation) and set up to be operational within minutes upon arrival.

Perfectly used as temporary cellular sites such as for special events, emergency situations or disaster areas.


The design of Telescopic (pneumatic) mast (varying in different heights), with the MW link mounted on motorized pan tilt base with remote control, and multiple antenna capacity, has proven this to be an ideal system to support or restore critical mobile communications.

Each Vehicle is fully enclosed, with spacious, climate controlled interiors for comfort and efficiency. The enclosed design provides security and protection on electronics and equipment and storage space for spare antennas, RF cables and other components during transport.

The interior accommodates two full isolated areas. The compact diesel generator provides power for all telecom and non telecom equipment plus HVAC system and lighting. Platform on the roof of vehicle provides convenient access for deploying and stowing antenna systems and cables. Outriggers quickly stabilize the vehicle at site, while additional guyed wires (optional) stabilize the telescopic mast.

The Vehicles are expertly integrated with complete electrical wiring, generator systems, HVAC, pneumatic mast for the antennas and MW Link, and electronics racks to support your choice of Telecom Equipment. The Vehicles delivered are ready for operation or may be delivered rack-ready, allowing you to install your own Telecom equipment.

All Vehicles are custom engineered by PTS’s experienced team, to accommodate your needs and specifications. The selection of the specific vehicle’s chassis and size is dependent upon the equipment size and payload requirements. Regardless of your equipment needs, all controls and major equipment elements are designed for intuitive operation, placed for easy access and thoroughly tested for reliability and ease of maintenance.

Study & Design

Each vehicle is customized according to your demands and its coach-building is based on detailed mechanical, AC/DC electrical and electronics CAD drawings. Our engineers use documented processes to guide you from the definition of your needs, to the design and construction of a solution.

Operation Area

The operation area is separated form the power area at the back of the vehicles and is fully insulated (thermal & sound). Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system, are designed so that we can ensure that the equipment and the operators are working under proper conditions. Special attention has paid, to achieve an ergonomically operation area with easy access to controlling and monitoring systems

Monitoring Systems

Internal and external security systems for intruder alarm, smoke detectors, over temperature detectors, and stowage alarm systems to warn the operator of antennas, jack, mast deployment and door closures.

Mast System

The Telescopic –Pneumatic- mast varies on type, depending on the desired antenna height and the workload at the top. PTS’s engineering team have design an advanced extension at the top of the mast, fully motorised, ensuring the pre installation of antennas and cables, reducing the needed installation time at the field. PTS also provides metal brackets and auxiliaries to mount various types of your antennas to the mast.

MW Link

The MW Dish is mounted constantly at the extension and is fully remote controlled by a 3-axis motorized Pan Tilt Head, ensuring 360o Azimuth range and up/down mechanical tilt.




· Steel framed pre-painted enclosure

· Insulated walls and ceiling panels

· Antistatic GRP flooring

· Ceiling HVAC

· Pneumatic Mast (up to 15 m).

· Diesel generator (silent type-Up to 18 KVA)

· Extra Fuel tank (up to 80 Lit)

· Outside Socket for connection tocommercial power source

· Grounding lug for connection to external ground


· Complete 220V AC electrical system& 12V DC inverters

· Control panel to monitor electrical system

· Interior lighting, 220V AC and 12V DC

· Vehicle's stabilization system(Electrical Outriggers)

· Work bench and tool cabinet

· Fire extinguisher





· Heavy duty Metallic Mast (up to 2m) for large MW Dish mounting

· guyed wires for additional mast stabilization


· Metal Brackets